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By: RichDs

I'm guilty.  Once upon a time, I was one of those folks who got real paranoid about surfers, stealing my story, photos and artwork.  It really worried me, ate at my mind.  Para - Noid Central.  When I found the Java script code that disabled the right click, I burned up the Internet, couldn't get to my web site fast enough, and installed it.  The bummer here is that I had to go back in and disable it.  I learned a lesson and now I am going to pass it on to you.

When you disable the right click function you are losing more than you have gained, (and as you will see, you gained nothing.)  These are the functions you lose by disabling the right click.

  1. Open
  2. Open In New Window
  3. Save Target As
  4. Print Target
  5. Cut
  6. Copy Shortcut (to the desktop)
  7. Paste
  8. Add to Favorites
  9. Properties
10. Back
11. Save Background As
12. Set as Wallpaper
13. View Source (more on this later)
14. Refresh

And what have you gained ?


Hmmmmm.... Something is wrong with this picture.  "But, RichDs.. we need the no right click so the creeps of the Internet don't steal our hard work.... Our web sites would be naked with out it."  I thought the very same thing, until it was pointed out to me the way around the no right click.

When your browser opens a web site it copies everything about that site onto your hard drive.. Everything.. graphics, text, photos, music, etc.  Copies it into your Cache or in Explorer it is called, "Temporary Internet Files." And it is here, anyone can have anything off of your site, including your source codes.  Still don't believe me?  Then just do this little test :

1. Bring your web site up, (and enjoy your soon to be gone, no right click.)
2. Now, while your web page is still on your screen, move your cursor over to your, start button.
3. Right click the start button and you will see a small menu, choose the, "Explore" tab.  Left click to choose.
4. Now look for the, Temporary Internet Files.... file. Left- click it.
5. Look and see, there's your web page content there before your eyes, naked to the world for the taking, and the right click works just fine here.

The only real protection you have (the cheapest and the best) is a CopyrightŠ.  All you have to do is declare it on your web site,  and it is a legal, done deal! Binding in any court.  If you find some of your work is being used by another surfer you can send them an e-mail informing them of your CopyrightŠ and ask them to remove it.  If they don't you can then get in touch with their server.  The server will then contact the person about the violation and if the surfer still refuses to remove it, their server will usually boot them off and close their web site.  Why does the server do this? To keep you from suing them.   Get your CopyrightŠ in place, disable the no right click code and chalk it up to experience gained.

Last and not least.. If you disable the right click you do the left- handed people of the world a huge disservice.  Left-handed people change the buttons around so they can use the mouse in their left hand. Your right click becomes their left and if they show up at your website, they will go elsewhere.

Also, (just to add to your heartburn..) My Mac can read your source codes pretty good, plus, the no right click code doesn't work at all on my Omniweb browser. Your content is up for grabs! Read it and weep.

A win, no win situation.

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