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By: RichDs©

This is about good or bad web sites.... It seems the Internet is no longer full of the old attitude..
" Express Yourself. "

As in the wine industry.. the Internet has it's snobs. They e-mail you and point out the short comings of your web site. Or you are so proud of your website you, foolishly try to win a rated award from them. These people make me sooooo mad. Jerks, one and all......

I've been authoring web sites for a number of years now and I realize that some people aren't going to like my site, they aren't going to like my gripe, my links, guest book.. something or another.. and to them I say,

" No Bigs. Live and let live. Move On And Keep Your Comments To Yourself. "

These kind of morons can be pretty damaging to the newbies of web making. Here you are.. new to the Internet as well as web making and you have a site with all the bells and whistles.. " Rainbow, flashing fonts.... Floor Stomping Polka, looping over and over and over....... So much Java script, you crash your sister's computer. "

You really dig your site, you lay awake at night thinking of stuff to add like that, Giant Lake Applet... and besides it makes you happy to look at it.. you are sooo proud, and then a web snob pays you a visit....

" I thought you would like to know..... Your background is the wrong color and so are your fonts.. Too many graphics and some are too big, ( or too small. ) and Rainbow fonts ? Pleeease ! And why do you have Java roll overs.. don't you know some of us surf with the Java off.? Blah, blah and blah.. "

Who Cares !!!

Would this same moron come up to you on the street and say,

" Boy, you sure are fat... and that shirt your wearing is too funky and out of style besides.. and you ride a Honda !! Haw, haw and haw.. "

Not more than once, I bet.

Or maybe you think your website needs a rated award or two. Plenty of these award websites out there in the cyber circus. Lots to choose from but very few rewards. It has been my experience that they all have ethic pages and criteria rules. They make you jump through hoops, make sure you leave copyrights alone, (a good thing.) They rarely follow their own ethics and criteria, bend the copyright laws to fit their meanings and definitions. They insist you write perfect html, (when in fact they use an html editor such as front page and wouldn't know a page break from a paragraph.)

And when you complain they sometimes show you just how really ethical they really are. Here is an example of a, 'Ethical" letter sent to me recently.. I wrote the , Tipz and Trixs, helpful web hints on her old website. She has since turned her site into a, ‘Rated’, award website. This is her sweet reply to me:

Rich ..... I haven't gotten around to finishing up yet myself ... I've lost three evaluators in the last two months, my two co- founders are on leave of absence, and I am absolutely swamped with applications, but yours is laying on my desk in a pile with a lot of others that I haven't had time to reply to. I've been working 10-12 hour days for the last two weeks and that includes weekends and the Memorial Day Holiday.

Sometimes the real world kicks me in the ass and I have to put it before my cyber life. Rich, you and I go back a long ways as friends ... and I think the least you could have done would have been to have written me a note (a nice one), rather than the shitty bcc note that you sent out to everybody. This attitude of yours is exactly why you aren't winning rated awards. And, this bad attitude comes across in everything you do. My evaluators thought your website was in extremely bad taste, bordering on violence, (funny thing is I was part of her website community a couple years ago, this very website she is referring to .. She emailed me, asking me to join and she liked it just fine,, I haven't changed a thing, same website that is NOW in poor taste),not to mention that you were linked to some pretty unsavory sites. That's why its still laying on my desk ... because rather than go on what they advised and not award you at all, I told them I wanted to evaluate it myself when I had time to make sure you were treated fairly.

Rich ... I know that you've had a pretty swift kick in the ass by the real world too .... but, I had absolutely nothing to do with that. You definitely need to get yourself an attitude adjustment .... or you're going to remain an extremely unhappy, bitter man.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I took offense to this nasty little note of yours.

The nasty note she mentioned? Here is a copy, “I entered my site to one dozen websites in the first part of March for a chance to win a, "Rated", award.. And up to this very moment in time, have NEVER received a reply, one way or another, from any of you. Only 2 websites had the Class to give me an honest accounting.. None of the rest of you had the time. How nice! How kind! How considerate!”

" Newbies.. when the snob comes calling..If you invite them to look or not. Don't take their ignorance and low class to heart....Thumb your nose at them, tell them, "Up Yours!" And hit, delete. "

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