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By: RichDs©

When I made my first web site, ( a single page scroller ) I wanted so bad to put some, jumpin jive polka music on it.. but I didn't have a clue as to how. It drove me nutts.. trying to figure out the voodoo....... Then I noticed that each time a midi played, there was a URL listed.. and so, when I found one that I liked... I put the URL into my code and I had music ! I was in bliss but what I didn't know was... RichDs was committing direct linking and bandwidth theft..!

But I was in ignorant bliss and did not realize how really bad this was until about 6 mos down the road, when I stumbled across an article concerning this..... OMG !! I wasted no time going to my web site and getting rid of what I had done... and was paranoid somebody was going to bust me for it. And lucky for me.. nobody did.

" What it is and what it means "

Bandwidth is kinda like your computer's telephone bill... for a one month period. Every time you log onto a persons site and the pages content, ( graphics, sound files, ect. ) starts to download... the bandwidth meter starts to click off bytes used. I have 50 megs on tripod that I, by myself couldn't exceed but... say I have a midi that uses a million bytes to play. Here comes, Delbert Dumbutt and he really likes RichDs polka music and he direct links me, ( using my URL. ) Now let's say the Dumbutts are a large family of ten and each one clicks on your file in Delbert's page... that's, 10 million bytes used, ( some where in the neighborhood of 10 megs. )

And let us say that 30.. aunts, uncles and cousin.. Dumbutts come and listen to your song.. on Delbert's site.... 300,000,000 bytes ( around 300 megs ) is being drawn from your web site.. Remember, I have 50 megs on the tripod.. and this is only one family. Think what might happen if out of those 30 each had 2 friends that clicked on your song... I shudder to think.

If you are like me, and use free web space..... they will kick you out of your site and close you down for exceeding the bandwidth and if you own the domain name.. you will get a bill that you won't soon forget.

I once read about a fellow, who tired of porno pay sites, so he went around to all the sites he could.. swiping the pics and saving them on his drive... Next, he set up his own domain and opened his own.. free porn site...... Imagine his surprise when he received a bill at the end of the first month for over 2,000 bucks !! He just didn't realize all the preverts out there that would click on his site..... world wide. Put him out of business right now....

My point is this... If the person you are direct linking to has a web site that get's a ton of hits on it's own.. and all the Dumbutt's in this world come to your site and click on that stolen link........ it could cause the other webster, untold.. pain, aggravation and add poverty...... So just don't do it.

It is ok to add a text link to the person's page... ( example : http://e-lope.tripod.com/ ) Heck, who doesn't like to have links out..? But if you direct link me... you are stealing from tripod, and tripod will think it is me using too much bandwidth and they will kick me off. If bandwidth theft and direct linking continues, it may be the beginning of the end to free multimedia on the Internet.

Take the time to do it the correct way.. Ask your questions and build your pages with music or graphics downloaded from you.. not me.

And if you just don't care... one way or another and you continue to steal. Remember... what goes around.. comes around.

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