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By: RichDs©

Years ago I had this old Ford truck. It ran and ran until this one day when we were about 100 miles from home it started to sputter and miss fire and it turned out to be a long, long journey home.

Once at home, ( being some what of a shade tree mechanic ) I proceeded to fix it.

I replaced the, Points and plugs.. " Nope, didn't fix it."
I replaced the, Spark plug wires, " Nope.. no fix. "
I replaced the, Distributor Cap n Rotor, " No - go!! "
New gear on the distributor, sloppy timing chain, replaced, " Nada..! "

I was ready to kill it.. I coulda been classified insane. Then I am staring at the distributor.. trying to figure out what I had done to deserve this and I saw it. The condenser.. The one buck, fifty cent condenser's wire had broken in half and one dollar and fifty cents later the truck was humming. The parts I replaced needed it.. but not all at once, and a hunk of money spent.

What does this have to do with computers?

Well, my computer was acting Bee - Zaar. Every time I would move my mouse over to a link the darn page would start jumping up and down, all by itself. I would be in the middle of editing my website and it would click me back to the page I was on before.. and I would have to use my back button, and hope my stuff was still there, ( more often than not, it wasn't. ) That song, Ghost in the machine.. came into mind. I had a hacker get in my machine and it cost me some moolaandcrapp, ( money ) to get the bugger out, and so, with this new problem.. I thought the hacker was back. Off to the shop it goes, only for them to tell me that, " It all worked fine for them.. 50 Bucksandcrapp, ( dollars ) please. "

Any one of you who have read my true story, Road Kill Kafe, know I am not known for being stable and sane, lately.. And this was putting me on the edge. 50 bucks and nothing was wrong.. I called support, and so began another journey hell. Once a day for five days I talked to Goofs in America as well as Canada, and the one thing we all had in common was, " None of us knew squat about the workings of a computer. "

They all wanted me to do the same tests, over and over and in the end.. none could figure it out. So here I sit looking at another version of that Ford... Again !! I have one of those, Wheel Mouses... Mice, whatever. And I start thinking maybe this bugger has gone bad. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me and so I take the bugger apart and see that there is a circuit board in there.. and so off to Wally World. New mouse 14 bucks, plugged it in.. End of problem.

The moral to this is ; If you find your self encumbered with a Ford of your own, don't always assume the worst. Always start with the cheapest solutions and work your way up if the problem persists.

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