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Clover Park Technical College
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Some kind of a personal record, I suppose.. It only took me nearly one quarter to add some links, ( or mention ) of Clover Park Technical College. " Duhh!! "

The Clover Park College website can be viewed here. If you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area and are thinking of continuing your education or, if you are like me, starting school again in the, " twilight years... " Check this one out. If you want to see your class schedules or your quarter grades... you have come to the right place. Click on, " Student Kiosk, enter the info and you are in.

While searching around for links to put in here, I stumbled across this great link! You can get your textbooks online... Screw, messing around with the book store in person.. I went there at the beginning of the quarter and it was a madhouse. I stood in line for the better part of an hour waiting to pay for my books. A ka-zillion other fools jammed into a small store all looking for the books they need... Tempers run high, let me tell you. Buy them on-line.

My next quarter class is the, Electronic Pre-Press part of the Graphic Technologies.. I will be learning how to work with those Darn Macs, ( I am a PC guy to the end ) and learning to use the Photo-Shop. I just know it in my bones This website is going to come in, veeeeeery handi.

There are some pretty great perks to be had, being a student. One of the better perks is a company called JourneyEd. To quote their site:
"As North America's leading seller of software to students, Journey is here to help you get the tools of your profession at a price you can afford. By shopping at Journey Education Marketing, you can save up to 75% off commercial software list prices. There is only one catch. In order to purchase from Journey, You must be a qualified student or staff / faculty member."

Another neet-o Photo Shop website can be found at, Action FX OnLine Free download, ( Mac or PC ) EYE CANDY 3. Wowiee-Zowiee!!

If you get the urge to see just how twisted I might be, make it a point to visit another website of mine.. Nuttinbuttcrapp People have been known to think it was funny.

According to, Lee Krystek.... The mysterious, Skystone located in a field 20 miles southeast of Tacoma, Washington, is a three-dimensional map of the sky according to archaeologist Gerald Hedlund. Hedlund, who presented a paper on the stone to the Northwest Anthropological Meeting in Spokane, claims that the stone, which is about 4 foot high, 12 foot across, and dotted with man-made holes, was used to predict solstices or equinoxes. He contends it may have also been used to predict lunar standstills, which occur every 9.3 years. The stone was thought to be used by the Puyallup Indian Tribe.

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