RichDs College Man


30 years ago I sat in the Vice-Principal's office, not listening to him tell me what a mistake I was making and signed myself out of school. Yes, I dropped out. Nothing to be proud of now that I am an old guy, but at the time I thought I had the world all figured out. I was also as sure of the fact that I had stepped into my last school.

I never cared for teachers, as a general rule. School for me, as a child, was not a pleasant experience. I had a problem with reading... I have an problem that is pretty well known now but, 45 years ago it was un-heard of. Dyslexia. I see some letters bassackwards. And because of this, 1st grade and second were pure hell.

The morons they called teachers, ( 1st and 2nd grade ) never took the time to see what the problem was and just labeled me, slow. My 2nd grade teacher was sure my only problem was being lazy, and so she punished me. When ever she would read a story to my classmates, she would remind me how lazy I was, ( in front of the class ) and because I was sooo lazy, I was required to sit in the closet. I wasn't to enjoy the story as the others did and if I ever quit being so lazy and learned how to read, " she would allow me to join the class. " I spent reading time and afternoon recess, sitting in that closet, all of second grade.

I'm not exactly sure how, ( or why ) it happened.. but, I was passed onto 3rd grade. I couldn't read and I had a deep distrust for teachers. Fortunately for me the 3 rd grade teacher kept her education current and she had read about, Dyslexia. She conferred with my principle and the, " new ", 2 nd grade teacher. ( May that other one burn in hell, for what she did to me. )

These 3 wonderful women recognized what was going on with me and they tutored me. Once I learned how to control the problem and trick my eyes into seeing the letters facing the correct way... I took to reading anything and everything, ( a habit I still have. ) Because those first two teachers mistreated me so badly, it put a contempt in me that carried onto my dropping out of High School and beyond.

Injured on the job, January 02, 1996. A treatment worse than the injury crippled me and gave me a disease that is killing my bones at the joints.... In voc and back in school, September 17, 2001. 30 years ago I swore, " I was never going to step foot in a school again !! " And here I was, a College Man. Jerry Garcia was right !! " What a looong, strange trip it's been. "


The tune is called, Band Aid

By the late, great, Glenn Miller