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( With the exception of the WWW Links and the Award Programs who each have graphics their authors. ) All graphics found on this website were created by, RicTresa Custom Graphic Designs and are Copyright protected 2003 or the current year.

The graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop outputting from a Macintosh computer and can't be taken, copied or reproduced in any form. If you want custom graphics made for your website write me Here and we will discuss the terms and price. I also write the raw, HTML code used on these pages.

I hold a Certificate in Graphic Technologies Designs, Class of 2002, from CPTC Lakewood, WA., and my fee is well below what other designers charge.

If you do steal my art and I find it on your site I will take the steps to file Copyright Infringment charges against you, ($10,000.00 per incident.)

Thank you for visiting this website and reading this notice.


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