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Over a half-century has passed since I came squawking, into this world and the desire to create art has followed me through out life. I drew quite a bit as a child, graduating to pen and ink as a teenager and drew pictures until I was 38, when my ideas went away and I stopped... Quote the raven, "Never-More."

A couple of years bounced by and I began creating with wood, making several tables and one bed, but, I always had this nagging feeling I was missing out somehow.

Then in 1997 I bought my first computer and the rest is history. Because on an on the job injury left me unable to move around as I was used to, 4 months in a wheelchair and I became very depressed.. Dangerously depressed and dark thoughts of self worth were, swirling through my thoughts. Had it not been for the outlet of the computer, I may not have been typing this to you now.

As therapy, I taught myself how to write html and began creating websites. I learned how to place images and sounds onto my websites, yet I yearned to be able to create my own graphics as well. I messed around with MS Paint and when I reached it's limits I moved onto a graphics program called, Photo Studio Suite, and honed my skills.

September of 2001 I entered Clover Park Technical College taking a course in, graphic technologies/grapic design for print, receiving a certificate of completion, one year later.

During my year at school a couple of important changes came into my life, one being the Apple computer. The Macintosh, to be exact. Here I was, a loyal MS Pc'er forced to use a Macintosh! The horror..! I drug my feet claiming, “the Mac couldn’t do anything better than my PC.. “ Boy, was I wrong. I found the error of my ways.. Bought a Mac of my own, (Apple iMac SE 700 MHz PowerPC 750cx G3 processor with a 256k on-chip level 2 cache, 1 GB of RAM , a 60.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive, a slot-loading 8X/4X/24X CD-RW drive, ATI Rage 128 Ultra graphics acceleration with 16 MB of SDRAM) I put the MS PC into the closet and haven’t regretted, (or missed it) a moment.

The second, life-altering, change was almost a years worth of design classes in, Adobe Photo Shop, v 6&7. At last I was able to realize my dream of creating my own graphics. I have found a new and exciting avenue for my art and after a lull of 14 years the ideas are once again flowing. I was born for this digital art.

The purpose of this website is two fold.

1. A way I can show my art, as I create it, for the enjoyment of anyone stumbling across it in cyber space.
2. Maybe get some work, designing graphics for websites as well as print. (Details can be found under the Copyright section.)

Anyhow.. Enjoy your visit, please don’t steal my art. Look at it and leave it be. It is © Copyright 2003, (or current year) protected.

Peace out...

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I know music is really a pain in the butt most times but I enjoy this tune and this is the only page with music so where is the pain?

The tune is, The Lonely Bull by Herb Alphert© and The Tijuana Brass,

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