Todays date: 03/22/2003

Hey Rich,

This is a tough week for me. If you would keep me in your thoughts that would be nice as I am going through more Hell this week. Remember I told you I turned down the lousy settlement offer in December of 2002?

This is incredible but the asshole lawyers for Zinman have filed and emergency petition with the Court to uphold the settlement that I refused! We went to Cambridge Superior Court in Cambridge MA last week. They are trying to force me to take the settlement so I can not take Zinman to court for my malpractice trial this August. I am told they have a 50-50 chance of winning.. This is AMAZING as I did not sign any agreement and I turned it down. I was told by one of my lawyers at the settlement talk with my Dad as a witness I was going to get 1.4 Million. Then the next day I am told the real figure is 300K in my pocket. I said NO, No, no to that. I wanted to go to trial. The lawyers for Zinman are even fighting my attempt to change lawyers. I fired my old law firm and I signed with a good lawyer who represents another patient butchered by Zinman.

I have to go to trial this Wednesday at 9 AM to argue why I should not be forced to take the settlement I turned down. I will argue to the Judge "Who in their right mind would take only 300K with no future medical costs which will exceed 1 Million?

I also have a 2 page letter with a dozen talking points from my old lawyers on why I should take the settlement as my evidence. This proves I had turned down the low insulting offer which I did. I will keep you updated after court on Wednesday. Please feel free to post this with my story that keeps getting better and better. (not) I could use some old fashioned prayers now. I have only asked for justice for the last 8 plus long years. I am not asking for a second bite of the proverbial apple in court. I guess Zinman's lawyers are absolutely terrified of my name being added to the other victim's case in MA scheduled for this July of 2003. More accurately my records will be shown that are the smoking gun that prove Zinman falsified his records the same way he did it to my records. The best part is my new lawyer was not given the news that we were due in court on the 20th of March last week until the end of the business day on the 18th of March when he was hand delivered the packet. This is about as underhanded as any law firm can get. I could use all the good wishes I can get as my sanity is now on the line.

Have a good week my friend,
John P. Chleapas ll
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