Well, so far so good. Yesterday I won and we go to trial on August 4, 2003. It was a really great day. You are now famous (infamous?). The lawyer for Zinman actually had a google search that they submitted into evidence. Amazingly it was my story from your website printed out. I did state for the official record today that "This is not complete with the updates, and I asked "Where is the polygraph that is a part of the story?" The Judge was one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He ripped their baseless charge that "there was a meeting of the minds" concerning their bad faith settlement offer. The Judge made it clear that there was no proof that I had accepted the offer, which I had turned down out of hand. Again it was a very good day for me. The lawyer for Zinman told my new lawyer, "There will be no settlement offer now prior to my trial." (Great!) I have said right along, "I would rather go to trial and get nothing than have been forced to put the $330,000 dollars into my pocket like they tried to force me to do today." He looked me in the eye and my new lawyer said rather incredulously, "You really mean that don't you." Yes that is a fact. I want the truth of how Zinman falsified my records with the willing help of Dr. Arthur Foster Little lll, A.K.A. Dr. Terry D. Little which is how he signed the official hospital medical records of mine, that they both falsified together read into evidence at both of our trials. This is part of what we both need to gain back our lives, and move on in this life. All victims of medical negligence need some sort of closure. We both seek the truth to emerge, and for fair compensation for our ruined quality of life. It is now five months to my long overdue medical malpractice trial. I look forward to testifying, or rather only my records will testify in the trial of another butchered patient of Leonard Zinman. The funny part is I was called by my lawyer's office around March 3, 2003. I was told Zinman's lawyer wanted to take my deposition for the other victim of Zinman's trial on 3/10/03. His trial is scheduled to go one month before my own trial. Then rather than take my deposition they served notice of their "Emergency Petition" to the Court to try to force me to take a settlement that I had refused. My lawyer was not given notice until one day before we had to go to Court last week. That was rather underhanded by any definition in my opinion. I wonder what is next? Now are they going to serve me papers to obtain the deposition they spoke about in the first week of March 2003? I am glad I now have a lawyer really fighting for me on my side. It is a rather refreshing change. Like I told my Dad today, "I can hold my head up high even if we do not win at my medical malpractice trial." It has always been about the truth of what Zinman did to me coming out. He robbed me of kidney function, bladder function, and he caused my hearing damage and many other permanent health woes. Then he was/is arrogant enough to believe he could undo his negligence by merely rewriting my official medical records in his failed attempt to hide what he did to me. I would like to see a class action suit of the other victims' of Zinman get their day in court. One must ask how many other people did Zinman harm, and/or falsify medical records on to hide what he did to them? I hope Leonard Zinman enjoys reading this "update" of what he did to me added to my on-going true story. I will send you updates as soon as they serve me to get my deposition which should be soon I would imagine for the other victim's trial. I am expecting to be served in the next week, or two. Let the games, and the truth begin to leak out on what an amoral, and unethical doctor Zinman really is come into the light of day. I fear they may now try to force you, or your ISP to remove my story. The beauty of the Internet is that once it is released it becomes a "public record." I do give permission for my story to be copied. I will ask that credit be given to the website (yours) that carried it initially with a hyperlink. Take care my friend as always,

Take care!
Have a great weekend,
John P. Chleapas ll
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