My newest enriching problem is with my previous employer who constantly badgers the world for money to assist with their humanitarian diaster relief in any and all of the world arenas and are now hoping to recover from this little old gray haired lady about 70,000 in cold hard cash for medical benefit payments for which I payed around 400 smackers a month without question for insurance they now say should have been 180 or less per month and despite that it all happened to be their mistake in the first place around 7 years ago still want me to reimburse little ole them.

If you have yet to figure out who my x employer is or was, I will give you another hint. Ready.??

They are the ones who charged the wounded soldiers, bloody and beaten from the war fields, begging for only bread and water, for a mere donut and a cup of coffee despite the bandages that bound their wounds which had been rolled by the tiny petite hands and given freely from the hearts and souls of their own wives,daughters, mothers to stop the flow of blood as the brave warriors tried to save the freedoms enjoyed in the democracy here which never really was any such thing since our benevelant forefathers stole it and tried to kill all of the Indians who were actually probably from Asia.

Since I was in high school, I have been aware that I must never use what they in the South always called runonandon sentences. But I can't resist it when writing to somewone I know will have fun despite my grammer and lack of pregnant pauses.

So cheers to you and your lady, whispered to my most dearest and fondest friend behind a Miss America hand gentilely posed before my dew drop moistened lips.

In other words-it is the salute the flag AMERICAN RED CROSS who has pictures in her elevators that go up and down lauding the proud mother who after the real war founded that whole damn organization anyway.

Would you please add that they finally decided not to mess with this little lady since she called their bluff and they admitted in a round about way that it all stemmed from internal problems which I have no control over but they do and yet, find no need to modify because they think they are the best thing since plastic garbage bags that never disintegrate in land fills much less asphalt paved areas that take the place of the beloved trees and meadows that once exhisted in urban areas plagued with what is fondly called progress by the ones who have so much money that they only look at trees as a way to print more money.

I think I forgot to ask you to use just the inital A so they can't try to come after me for any more money-not that they would get any because I know more things about them related to the AIDS issue of the early 80's when people started to get 'it' from things other than homosexual activity.

I can't wait to be anonymous outside of a 12 step program!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which I no longer attend because of the lack of any original thought about anything much less any type of recovery unless it includes self flagilation that I think only monks and masocists do now but I could be mistaken.

Bye now with a southern smile not hidden behind a Miss America held hand.

Did you know they actually use vaseline on their teeth to hold those smiles they do!?

Not me I know it only goes on your lips.

Fondly to a fellow who understands what it means to feel like a cow needs to be ridden and a horse needs to be eaten.

Just sign me, A.