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July 9, 1997
Mr. John P Chieapas ll
211 dawn Road
Maynard, MA 01754

Re: Results of polygraph examination conducted on July 9, 1997

On the above-noted date you voluntarily came to our office for the purpose
of taking a polygraph examination on issues related to your meedical treatment
at the Lahey Clinic. The following relevent questions were asked during the

1. After your June 1995 surgery, did Dr. Little tell you that the right sphincter
pump was left, "On" ?
2. After your June 1995 surgery, were you discharged home with a catheter in
your bladder ?
3. At the Lahey Clinic, E.R., did Dr. Little make any attempts to turn off the right
sphincter pump ?
4. After your June 1995 surgery, did Lahey Clinic doctors refuse to make sure
that both pumps were turned off ?

There were, "NO INDICATIONS OF DECEPTION" when you answered, "YES" to
the above listed relevant questionss. Based on the polygraph examination, it is
the opinion of the polygraphist, that you were truthful in your
response to relevant questions.

Signed, Alfred J. DelCiampo / Polygraphist