....It took me a number of years before I could even talk about my early years of life, much less imangine that I would be putting it here, for the world to see....

Life is funny, yes ?

I am a survivor of an alcoholic parent.

My parents married in 1939 and a year later, my brother, John was born. A couple years after that, my sister Sherry and last came , Bill..
( they thought. )

....I came, skuawking into the world in 1952 a mistake in birth control. My parents had their children and were not expecting anymore . But here I am. 12 years younger than John, 10 from Sherry, and 9 from Bill.

The first four years of my young life were the best. My, pre-school years. I was a sickly child. I caught most all of the childhood diseases before I started school.