By: RichDs
Credit for helping me build this great looking site, are due to the following Organizations;

Photo Studio Suite A few years ago, when the prices of flatbed scanners took a big drop, I saved up 80 bucks and headed for, Office Depot to see what I could get. It turned out I could afford about four different brands, ( three of which I had never heard of. ) The one I plunked down my cash for had a real familiar name, " IBM© . " And I figure, that IBM is a good product and I brought it home... What a piece of crapp, it turned out to be. Not worth the money.. no way, no how. Zero, instruction book and a read-me file a couple of reams of paper worth. It came bundled with a Photo.. change-o, doo-dahh that turned out to be veeery handi. I could do some pretty cool stuff to photos as well as graphics. The IBM scanner turned out to be Nuttinbuttcrapp, but the software, PhotoStudio, was a diamond in disguise.

September 17th, 2001, I went back to school, (college) after a lunch break of 32 years, my major being, graphic technologies/digital design. Up until this moment I strongly believed two things;
1. PhotoStudio, was the best image editor.
2. And the Windows based PC was the king of computing..

I found, (after a years study) Adobe Photoshop to be far superior and the Macintosh computing system to be tops over any PC built. I jumped ship and have used a Mac,(my Mac ) ever since, (over two years now.) You just can't beat the graphics quality produced by a Mac. I mean, don't take my word, or anything. I've already proved myself a fool for buying, the IBM and PC in the first place.

Readers Digest I've been reading, the Digest now for around 40 years, ( old phart alert. ) Once in my younger dayz I had a fellow accuse me of being, Square.. because I read Readers Digest© . This same, non-square of the world then proceeded to lose his entire months paycheck in an illict crap game.. Sometimes, there is some pretty good reading to be had and once in awhile, you can learn something, ( like not throwing away your pay-check. )
I'm kinda partial to the , Quotable Ouotes, page and I have used one found in the, March of 2001 issue. It can be found in the, Contentsandcrapp.. the author, Rodney Dangerfield.

DynamicDrive A few years ago I learned how to make a webpage, learned how to write html and then I proceeded to do the same silly mistakes that most of us have done, ( at one time or another ) and that is to load up the website with a whole bunch of java scripts and java-roll-overs... All of the bells and whistles I could find, and my websites got so annoying they would on regular basis, crash my sister's, ( and everybody elses ) computer, they quit visiting... and I got wise to the problem fast. DynamicDrive© Gave me use of a neat little, Dynamic HTML script that creates the niffty little text roll-overs you can find here, ( and at my other websites. ) They have a ton of good stuff and if you use them... Don't forget Credit Due and Crapp.

PC Vs Mac Back in the early 80's a friend of mine was selling his, Commadore64© Personal Computer, and he let me use it for a weekend to see if I wanted to buy it, ( it came with a text book of instructions and sample DOS codes. ) After spending a couple of hours typing, ( hunt and peck ) a game code into it, I hit the enter button and up came a single sentance, " Syntax Error. " Strange twist of fate, to be sure because this very friend worked at, Monkey-Wards and this computer turned out to be just another case of, Nuttinbuttcrapp.

What it did do was play games. I waz an Omega Warrior. Coda, and I would play the game so much that when I closed my eyes, I could see that DOS screen burned on the inside of my eye-lids. But the fact remained, I had a perfectly good pong console and didn't need another game machine, ( so said the little woman. ) So from this time until 1997 I was sure I never had any need of a personal computer and joined the ranks of ignorant people, thumbing their noses at the likes of Bill Gates, Paul Allen and that, Apple guy.

In 1997 I bought my first computer, ( PC ). I didn't buy it at Monkey-Wards, but I suspect the vendor was a past employee, judging from the screwing I took, ( another story. ) Anyhow, I couldn't learn Crapp about that Commadore64© but the windows 95 was a whole different ballgame. I took to it like a fish to a muddy river bottom. Being I was born with my dad's hard-head I prefure the, School of Hard Knocks ... as opposed to sitting in a class, a couple of nights a week at some CC. Trial and Error 101 was just the thing for me, using windows 95. I learned HTML, writing the code in Notepad and lived in ignorant bliss until...........

September 17, 2001, I went back to school at the age of 49. A years worth of college, earning a certificate in graphic technologies/digital design, Class of 2002.

And so, Creditandcrapp goes to Bill Gates, Paul Allen and that Apple guy, for their vision and ideas.

I have a Playstation© for games, ( my grandson Christopher/fellow gamer, comes and gives me quite a run for my money, and keeps me young. ) The computer is no longer used for games except every once in awhile I blow the dust off of,
" Redneck Rampage© " and kick some buttandcrapp.


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The tune is, Wipe-Out by The Beach Boys© Music of my youth... the good old days. When I had to hike bare-foot, through the snow for over 10 miles just to get to the highway, to thumb a ride into town and buy their music..