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For some reason I really believe that most of you give a crapp about what I am saying. It's only obvious to me that you do indeed feel this way otherwise... Why are you here ? Is it a case of self-abuse.... nothing better to do ? Or are you just curious about the kinds of movies a bitter old phart like myself watches ? If the latter is true you have come to the right place.

The way I will be scoring the movies will be a little different than most.. The movies will have one of these, if the movie is just, Bad...


More, ( 1 to 4 ) depending on how bad.. And none, if the movie is good. Easy enough !! Also, I will be giving my opinion on all kinds of movies, ( no-porn ) and not all of them are current....... Enjoy !!


The Sand Pebbles
Written by: Robert Wise.
Steve McQueen .... Jake Holman Machinist Mate 1st Class
Richard Attenborough .... Frenchy Burgoyne Machinist Mate 2nd Class
Emmanuelle Arsan .... Maily
Richard Crenna .... Captain Collins
Larry Gates .... Jameson, Missionary at China Light
Candice Bergen .... Shirley Eckert, Missionary Teacher at China Light
Mako .... Po-han, Engine Room coolie
Rated PG-13 for violence

It's kinda funny, really... I was over at the, IMDB, reading another's critic of this movie and this person was thinking The Sand Pebbles had some kind of parallels between it and the Vietnam War.... Nuttinbuttcrapp !! It's all a matter of history.

This movie is really a two-fold love story set in the, summer, at the beginning of the,
" Boxer Rebellion. " The scene is China in the 1900's. The U.S. Navy gunboat San Pablo, has been patrolling the Yangtze River, and protecting the lives and property of American missionaries.. As far as Jake Holman is concerned, being stationed on a small gunboat on the Yangtze River is a routine assignment, to keep the ship's engines running and maybe have some of the whiskey and women on shore leave. This ship is different and for the first time in his life he makes a few real friends.. And he meets the only girl he could ever love, Shirley Eckert, a missionary of the China Light Mission. When it looks like the missionaries are in trouble the Captain arms his men and steers the San Pablo inland, to rescue the missionaries and, against all odds, get out of China alive. This suicide mission gives Holman the only chance he'll ever get to prove himself to his shipmates and to rescue his girl from a fate worse than death.

A great movie to be watched and enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. One real rare thing, ( especially true now days. ) No cuss-words in the whole movie...


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