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Maybe you could swipe something thinking the chances were slim that you would be caught.. That may or may not be true... but, you should also think about what will happen to you if I find you are in violation of my Copyright...

1. If you use webspace from your internet server or you have free webspace some where, if I find you using my stuff.. I will turn you in to your servers and they will kick you off, lock, stock and barrel,
( for those of you that don't dig my jibe... They will remove your website, never to be seen again. )

2. If you have your own domain and are caught using my Copyright.. You are in violation and are subject to a lawsuit.

Copyright violations can be very costly for you, because you are assumed guilty and have to prove your innocence.

And, I might add.. I will find you, I have my ways.

You have been warned..!

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