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Welcome to the Linksandcrapp. I went through a period of time that I posted every body's banners, but I really didn't like the way they slowed down my websites Soooo.. from now forwards I am just going to use text links. Works the same/same, and most important of all... It works for me.

The tune is, In the summer time by, Ray Mungo-Jerryİ Dorset. When I was a young mutt of 17 this tune was a favorite of mine.
.... And just for crapps and grins, here is another version of the name Mungo-Jerry's Fat Cat Cafe & coffeehouse.

I don't watch much tv. Don't have cable, not even an outdoor antenna... We Have some rabbit-ears that manage to pull in 3 stations, ( kinda... if you had 3D Glasses. )

Anyhow, I like to know the weather, not just for my corner of the globe but, my friends and family as well.
NOAA You just can't get a better weather, ( and a whole lot more ) link than this one.

Would you like a nice, plain, free counter for your websites..? Digits.Com Works for me, try it.

My Mom's Corn Bread - She really knew how to make the best Cornbread. Her's always had a great,thick brown crust, perfect for dipping. Mom passed suddenly in the month of October, ( 1920 - 1996 ) but her corn bread recipe Lives Here..

When I was a Boy Scout I sure could have used this great, knottyingandcrapp website authored by the Navy-League of Canada. What a great site ! ( This is knot a joke. )

Quote : " I was really delighted by your "old phart" writing. Your site is the kind that I created my Awards Program for - lots of original content. Thanks for submitting your site to my awards program. Your site "delights me for a particular reason" - so I am giving you the Half Dome Special Award... "
That was just a part of a real nice e-mail I received from JR concerning the award I applied for. Anybody this nice should have a text link back to her website, Take a look, you won't be sorryandcrapp..

Some special online friends are next in line for some recognition.

Motman's Cyberspace Transport I met the Motman on-line a couple years ago. I was going through some hard, emotional times and Tom reached out and gave me words of kindness and hope. Heck of a good guy and I'm proud to call him, friend.

Thom (aka Phamous Philo) Heck of a nice guy. Probably one of the smartest guys I know and a good Phfriend.
Phamous Philo's Place

I met this next guy online a few years ago. He lives up in, Salmo B.C.,.. This guy is pretty gutsy, believe me. He is the kind of guy that when life gave him a bunch of lemons, he made lemon pie. None nicer can be found PARAPLEGICPANDEMONIUM

This next lady loves her lighthouses and she knows quite a bit about them as well. She became a pal of mine through an online group we once belonged to.
Debbie's Lighthouse Adventures

Joe Matlock is a kind of person not common, ( it seems ) anymore. He truely is a, nice guy. He is a published author, ( The Dance and Twilight Of Fury among others. ) Some how, he stumbled onto my true life drama, read it and then emailed me with words of kindness and encouragement. To Quote Joe, " If knowledge is power, then understanding is freedom. Good reading can set you free by giving you a clearer understanding of the world around you. Most of the ills in the world today are caused by a lack of understanding, and people fear what they don't understand. " Best of all, Joe is my friend.


If you are planning an vacation to Washington State, be sure to include a Ferry ride to Seattle. You can drive or walk on, ( I recomend walking on, unless you are familar with where you want to go. ) The month of June I had the pleasure of riding the, M/V Wenatchee, ( Bainbridge Island to Seattle ) with my brother Steve and his daughter Andrea. What a plush ride it was. The Wenatchee is, 460' 2'' stem to stern and a 90' wide Beam. It holds, 2500 passengers and 218 cars and trucks. Check it all out at WA State Ferries

I like to keep abreast of these boogers WA State L&I Having this link really gives me the creeps... No foolin'. It is kinda like having the Plague trapped in a mason jar, One little nudge.. And your life is messed up forever. Believe me, I know of which I speak.

This link should come in handy for my fellow ( or fellowien ) Washingtonians. It is a pretty handy Gov. website Dept. Of Licensing

If you are planning a trip here or you already live here.. This is a pretty handi State Highway Map to use. See where you are going, or where you have been. Plan your drive before you leave home.

And to balance out all of this, Washington State stuff. If you want to come visit our Beautiful State be sure to use this Link for a, little trip into the Extraordinary.


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