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Once upon a time, I belonged to an on-line group and one of the things I did for the group was to write a series of articles related to HTML, Security and Website subjects. When I first started writing these I was concerned that I would lose any copyrights I had associated with my articles and I was assured by the owner of the group, that I retained all copyrights. When I left the group certain elements were trying to claim all content and not honoring past aggreements.

I have since learned a little about copyrights.. and let me clue all of you in also. Unless they have it in writing, ( paper and pen )and witnessed, you do not lose your copyright to anything. It just doesn't happen. If anyone sez that any content submitted to them for use becomes the property of them and you loose your copyright. This is pure bullshitandcrapp !! Don't believe it.

On the other side of the fence, by telling someone they have lost copyright and will not be credited... Well shucks, this is as good as a confession in the eyes of the law.. if they file suit against you for copyright infringement, your boat will be sunk. Believe it. $10,000.00 per violation.

The following Tipz were written by me prior to 2001 and was aimed at, Winows based PCs.

I have used a Macintosh for 2 years now and will be adding Tipz for this medium as well.

These Tipz are intended as a guide only. What works for me might not work for you so... Don't hold it against me.

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Enough Said
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